In line with the Government’s efforts in improving services to the community, the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) has been releasing annually its performance pledge since 1993.  This webpage provides an update of the Department’s performance pledge for the services it offers to the general public.


Services delivered

The performance pledge of C&SD covers the following major services :

A.  To provide the public with timely and quality statistics; and
B. To facilitate the supply of information by the public for the compilation of statistics.


Service to provide the public with timely and quality statistics

The C&SD aims to provide high-quality statistical services, contributing to the social and economic developments of Hong Kong. Since April 1997, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has accepted Hong Kong’s subscription to the Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS).  This shows that the quality of Hong Kongs economic and financial statistics has met the international standards regarding the coverage, periodicity, timeliness, integrity and accessibility of disseminated data.



Press releases, publications and related statistical products

One of the key responsibilities of C&SD is to produce timely and quality statistics for the public. For statistics of common interest, the Department issues press releases to the mass media.  The time schedule for issuing press releases of regular nature is made known to the media in September of the preceding year.  In the past, except for special circumstances where adverse weather conditions led to temporary closure of business, all press releases were made available on the scheduled dates.

The Department also produces different types of publications and related statistical products (including statistical tables and charts).  Members of the public may download these products free of charge from the C&SD website. Some past issues of publications are available in print version and are offered for sale at the Publications Unit of C&SD and online at the Government Bookstore of the Information Services Department.


Data enquiry and purchase

In case you require statistics more detailed than those contained in our press releases and publications, you are welcome to approach us for assistance by telephone, facsimile, letter, electronic mail or personal visit.  A list of enquiry telephone numbers, facsimile numbers and e-mail addresses is given at the C&SD website.



List of performance standards and targets

Type of service Performance standard and target for service provision


To attend to visitors to the Department

within 5 minutes


To provide data for enquiries on small volume of data that can be easily retrieved :
    * For trade statistics within 0.5 working day
    * For other statistics within 1 working day


In respect of requests for large volume of data that are readily available in the form of  photocopies of tabulations or CD-ROM containing the required data :
    * To provide a quotation of the payable charge within 2 working days
    * To make available the required data upon receipt of a firm order  
        * For trade statistics within 2 working days
         * For other statistics within 4 working days


In respect of requests for data that are not readily available and require special compilation efforts of the Department :
    * To provide an estimate of the time required and a quotation of the payable charge within 3 working days


Service to facilitate the supply of information by the public for the compilation of statistics

The compilation of accurate and timely statistics by C&SD mainly counts on the support and cooperation of data suppliers in furnishing raw data and related information.


Submission of import/export declarations and cargo manifests

The Department compiles trade and related statistics based on the information reported on import/export declarations and cargo manifests.  If you encounter any questions or difficulties in completing your import/export declaration forms or cargo manifests, you may contact the Department for assistance.


Supply of information required in statistical surveys

The Department conducts household and establishment surveys to collect data for compiling social and economic statistics. Notification letters will be sent to sampled quarters* or establishments.  Respondents can supply data through the various channels stated in the letter (e.g. by mail or other electronic means, or through telephone interviews or personal visits by field staff of the Department).

Our staff are always ready to explain to you what information is required in our surveys and how it should be entered into the survey forms.  The relevant addresses and telephone numbers for contact are given in the survey forms or notification letters sent to you by the Department.

* Letters are sent to the district offices concerned to solicit their assistance in informing households in those sampled quarters without clear postal addresses.


List of performance standards and targets

Type of service Performance standard and target for service provision


In respect of submission of import/export declarations and cargo manifests :
    * To handle simple enquiries by telephone or personal visit within 4 minutes
    * To handle more complex enquiries by telephone or personal visit within 1 working day
    * To reply written enquiries within 1 working day
    * To issue notices for outstanding import/export declarations within 1.5 months #


In respect of supplying information required in statistical surveys :
    * To answer general telephone enquiries immediate
    * To reply written enquiries within 3 working days
    * To arrange personal visits by field staff to assist in completing survey forms within 2 working days
    * To change appointment time for personal visits by field staff within 2 working days
# Figure refers to the average time required for issuing notices for outstanding import/export declarations.

Service environment

The Department is committed to assuring that information in respect of individual persons, households or companies which we undertake to treat as confidential is not divulged to any other parties.  We pledge full professionalism in the delivery of our statistical services. Our aim is to provide an atmosphere in which security and trust prevail.  The Department is also committed to providing an efficient and courteous service in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

The C&SD website provides Internet users with a convenient means of obtaining up-to-date statistics covering major social and economic aspects of Hong Kong as well as information on recent statistical developments.  It also serves as a portal of official statistics compiled by various government bureaux and departments.  To better serve Internet users, we have been making continuous efforts in enhancing the contents and functionalities of the C&SD website.  To support the Government’s initiative on releasing public sector information in digital format, statistical tables, accompanying tables of statistical reports/ feature articles, datasets, classifications and press releases on the Department’s website have been listed on DATA.GOV.HK for free download and re-use by the public for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.  In addition to the traditional desktop version, a mobile version of the website is provided to cater for the growing popularity of mobile devices, which facilitates browsing of up-to-date statistics on mobile devices.

The public’s role

The Department welcomes any comments or suggestions on the ways in which our services are delivered.

There may be occasions when, despite our best efforts, the services are unable to match the standards we have set.  In such cases, you are entitled to a full and prompt explanation.

If you have any enquiries, suggestions or complaints on our services, please contact our Service Managers.  All enquiries and complaints will be dealt with expeditiously.  The Department pledges to answer simple oral enquiries on the spot.  For complicated oral enquiries, written enquiries or complaints, at least an interim reply will be given within 5 working days, and a substantive reply within 4 calendar weeks normally.

Right of appeal

If you feel that your complaint has not been dealt with adequately or needs further review, you may contact our Complaints Liaison Officer.

Where to go for further information

Officers who can be contacted at the enquiry telephone numbers, facsimile numbers and e-mail addresses listed at the C&SD website will be pleased to provide information on the range of services provided by the Department.  For further information, you may contact our Service Managers.

Other services

Proper understanding of the concepts and definitions of different kinds of statistics is imperative for their correct interpretation and application.  Besides providing statistical information to the public, the Department is also prepared to give advice on the interpretation and application of statistics so as to maximise the utility of the relevant statistics to users.

Please contact our Service Manager (General), who will try to provide a prompt response to your request for assistance.  However, the time required will depend on the complexity of the matter in question.

Apart from providing the services directly to members of the public (as described above), the Department also serves the public indirectly by providing statistical information and statistical advice to various government bureaux and departments for use in policy formulation, development planning and administration of many work programmes affecting the public.