Please contact the Access Officer concerned if you need assistance for access to the venue.

Access Coordinator Telephone No. Email Address
Assistant Commissioner for Census and Statistics (Economic 3)   2582 4804
Access Officers
Sub-office Office Address Post Title Telephone No. Email Address
Wanchai Tower, 
12 Harbour Road,
Hong Kong
16/F - 22/F and 25/F,
Assistant Departmental Secretary
(Staff Relations and Welfare), 
Administration Branch
2582 4804
Trade and Industry Tower,
3 Concorde Road,
Hong Kong
9/F - 12/F,
Trade and Industry Tower
Statistician (Census Planning Section (1)),
Census & Demographic Statistics Branch
3903 6960
Fortress Tower, 
250 King's Road,
North Point, 
Hong Kong
5/F - 6/F, 
Fortress Tower 
Statistician (General Household Survey (1)),
Labour Statistics Branch (5)
2887 5501
Stelux House, 
698 Prince Edward
Road East, 
San Po Kong,
Hong Kong
Units 1103-1106, 
Stelux House 
Statistician (Labour Surveys)2,
Labour Statistics Branch (2)
2887 5116
Tsuen Wan Government Offices, 38 Sai Lau Kok Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories,
Hong Kong
2/F, Tsuen Wan Government Offices Statistician (Economic Surveys)2, Economic Surveys Branch
3903 7236