50th Anniversary of the Census and Statistics Department – Roving Exhibition

The Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) was established in December 1967 by bringing together the Census and Statistical Planning Office of the then Colonial Secretariat and the Statistics Branch of the then Commerce and Industry Department.  Over the past half-century, C&SD has progressed together with the community by developing various statistical systems to tie in with the social and economic changes of Hong Kong, and committed to providing timely, reliable, relevant and objective statistics to support evidence-based discussions and policy formulation.

In addition, C&SD’s services to data providers and users have kept abreast of the times.  On one hand, C&SD adopts a multi-modal data collection approach (e.g. online self-administered questionnaires) to cater for different lifestyles of respondents.  On the other hand, C&SD is constantly expanding the statistical products and channels for disseminating statistical data (e.g. statistical reports and tables can be downloaded free of charge from C&SD’s website) so that data users can access to relevant and the most up-to-date statistics anywhere and anytime.

To commemorate the special moment of C&SD’s 50th Anniversary, a roving exhibition was launched from September to December 2017 to showcase C&SD’s development over the past 50 years as well as its provision of more pertinent public services, thereby enhancing the public’s understanding of the department.  The details of the exhibition can be found in the file below: