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Structure of HSIC V2.0

HSIC V2.0 adopts a 5-level hierarchical system, with the top level category called Industry Section. There are 21 Industry Sections as follows:
  •  Industry Section A - Agriculture, forestry and fishing
  •  Industry Section B - Mining and quarrying
  •  Industry Section C - Manufacturing
  •  Industry Section D - Electricity and gas supply
  •  Industry Section E - Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities
  •  Industry Section F - Construction
  •  Industry Section G - Import/export, wholesale and retail trades
  •  Industry Section H - Transportation, storage, postal and courier services
  •  Industry Section I - Accommodation and food service activities
  •  Industry Section J - Information and communications
  •  Industry Section K - Financial and insurance activities
  •  Industry Section L - Real estate activities
  •  Industry Section M - Professional, scientific and technical activities
  •  Industry Section N - Administrative and support service activities
  •  Industry Section O - Public administration
  •  Industry Section P - Education
  •  Industry Section Q - Human health and social work activities
  •  Industry Section R - Arts, entertainment and recreation
  •  Industry Section S - Other service activities
  •  Industry Section T - Work activities within domestic households
  •  Industry Section U - Activities of extraterritorial organisations and bodies