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YearMonthComposite labour wages for civil engineering contractsComposite labour wages for building contracts
2011 Jan 133.8 133.3
Feb 134.4 133.3
Mar 134.9 133.3
Apr 135.3 133.8
May 136.6 134.6
Jun 137.2 134.8
Jul 138.3 136.1
Aug 139.6 137.2
Sep 141.3 138.7
Oct 142.6 140.2
Nov 143.4 141.1
Dec 143.5 141.6
2012 Jan 144.6 142.6
Feb 145.1 143.1
Mar 144.8 143.3
Notes : (1)The Cost of Labour Indices are compiled for working out the increase/decrease of payment to the main contractors of public sector construction projects to adjust for the change in costs. The labour indices therefore cover public sector construction projects only and reflect the change in wage cost borne by main contractors of public sector construction projects.

The reference period of the above index is June 1995. The "1995-series" applies to projects tendered before end-2003. For recent projects, the "2003-series" should be used. Compared to the 1995-series, both the coverage and weighting have been updated in the 2003-series.
 This is the last time this series of index numbers is published. Another series related to construction costs, known as “Index Numbers of the Costs of Labour and Materials used in Public Sector Construction Projects (April 2003 = 100)”, continue to be compiled and published by this department.
Source : Price Analysis & Research Section,
Census and Statistics Department
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