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YearMonthComposite labour wages for civil engineering contractsComposite labour wages for building contracts
2019 Mar 162.8 148.3
Apr 162.7 148.9
May 162.2 149.3
Jun 160.5 149.7
Jul 159.6 150.9
Aug 159.9 151.6
Sep 160.3 153.3
Oct 160.5 153.2
Nov 160.4 153.0
Dec 160.2 154.1
2020 Jan 159.1 154.9
Feb 158.8 154.3
Mar 160.4 155.9
Apr 160.3 155.3
May 160.2 156.0
Notes : (1)The index numbers of the costs of labour are compiled based on data contained in GF527 returns provided to the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) by the Architectural Services Department, Civil Engineering and Development Department, Drainage Services Department, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Environmental Protection Department, Highways Department, Housing Department and Water Supplies Department. GF527 is an administrative return for reporting site labour deployment and wage rates for construction works by main contractors of public sector construction projects. According to the instructions issued by the Development Bureau, contractors should be responsible for the accuracy of the data entered while site supervisory staff of the works departments concerned should check and sign the returns submitted by contractors before delivering the returns to C&SD via their project offices. C&SD’s role in the exercise is to consolidate the data received to compute and disseminate statistics on average daily wages for 33 selected occupations and based on which, the index numbers of the costs of labour used in public sector construction projects.

Users may obtain detailed information about the GF527 form and guidelines for filling in the form from the website of the Development Bureau (
 (2)The index numbers of the costs of labour is compiled for working out the increase/decrease of payment to the main contractors of public sector construction projects to adjust for the change in costs. The costs of labour indices therefore only cover public sector construction projects and reflect the changes in labour costs borne by main contractors of public sector construction projects.
 The index numbers for June 2020 will be released on 4 September 2020.
Source : Price Analysis & Research Section,
Census and Statistics Department
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