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Commodity/Service Section/GroupAverage Monthly Household Expenditure
Section 1 : Food5,85927.1
1Meals bought away from home3,69517.1
3Other cereals and cereal preparations560.3
4Bread, cakes, biscuits and puddings1680.8
5Salt-water fish1610.7
6Fresh-water fish860.4
7Other fresh sea products630.3
8Processed sea products1040.5
12Meat, frozen920.4
13Meat, canned140.1
14Meat, others880.4
15Fresh vegetables2451.1
16Processed vegetables110.1
17Fresh fruit1520.7
18Processed fruit60.0
19Dairy products1010.5
21Edible oils340.2
22Carbonated drinks170.1
23Other non-alcoholic beverages670.3
26Flavourings and additives290.1
27Food, others1580.7
Section 2 : Housing7,09332.8
28Rent, including rates and government rent6,41829.7
29Management fees and other housing charges6633.1
30Materials for house maintenance120.1
Section 3 : Electricity, gas and water6302.9
33Liquefied petroleum gas and other fuel380.2
34Water and sewage charges720.3
Section 4 : Alcoholic drinks and tobacco1330.6
35Chinese wines30.0
36Foreign-style wines300.1
Section 5 : Clothing and footwear8614.0
39Men's outerclothing1520.7
40Men's underclothing130.1
41Women's outerclothing3711.7
42Women's underclothing230.1
43Children's outerclothing560.3
44Children's underclothing60.0
45Infants' clothing120.1
46Clothing, others270.1
47Clothing materials and tailoring charges30.0
48Men's footwear680.3
49Women's footwear1030.5
50Children's and infants' footwear250.1
Section 6 : Durable goods8864.1
52Home appliances, electric and gas1500.7
53Video and sound equipment1250.6
54Computer and telecommunications equipment1810.8
55Tableware and kitchen utensils250.1
56Watches, clocks, cameras and optical goods1320.6
57Travel and sports goods1840.9
58Durable goods, others180.1
Section 7 : Miscellaneous goods9204.3
59Proprietary medicines and supplies1280.6
61Books and periodicals (excluding textbooks)520.2
63Soft furnishings420.2
64Cosmetics and personal care products2331.1
65Household cleansing tools and supplies390.2
67Toys and hobbies760.4
68Purchases of textbooks960.4
69Household goods, others640.3
Section 8 : Transport1,7928.3
70Purchases of and repairs to motor vehicles2671.2
71Motor fuel1570.7
72Motor licences, insurance, instructor's fees, parking fees and tunnel tolls2891.3
73Bus fares3181.5
74Tram fares30.0
75Public light bus fares1120.5
76Taxi fares1160.5
77MTR fares3201.5
78Ferry fares140.1
79Local transport, others580.3
80Inbound and outbound transport fares1380.6
Section 9 : Miscellaneous services3,44916.0
81School fees9964.6
82Other educational charges310.1
83Medical services5902.7
84Cinema entertainment250.1
85Package tours4242.0
86Expenses on parties210.1
87Other entertainment and holiday expenses560.3
88Household services5192.4
90Beauty treatment and fitness services750.3
91Repairs to personal and household goods180.1
92Professional services, subscriptions and other services870.4
93Telephone and other communications services5152.4
94Photographic and photo-printing services260.1
Notes : (a)The Household Expenditure Survey (HES) is conducted once every five years to collect up-to-date information on the expenditure patterns of households in Hong Kong for updating the expenditure weights used for compiling the Consumer Price Index. The 2009/10 HES was conducted during the period from October 2009 to September 2010.
 (b)Figures may not add up to totals due to rounding.
 (c)'0.0' denotes figures less than 0.05%.
 (d)Group 81 "School fees" covers “Kindergarten”, “Primary”, “Secondary”, “Project Yi Jin, craft and technician level”, “Post-secondary (including distance learning)”, “Private, vocational”, “Language courses” and "Other courses". "Tuition schools and expenses on tuition" is also included.
 (e)Statistics on medical expenses are subsumed in group 59 "Proprietary medicines and supplies" and group 83 "Medical services".
Source : Price Analysis & Research Section,
Census and Statistics Department
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