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HK$ million
YearQuarterDirect investment assetsDirect investment liabilities
Position as at end of the periodOutflow during the period *Position as at end of the periodInflow during the period
2016 13,526,856 586,386 14,142,152 1,034,144
2017 15,922,862 792,730 16,943,530 979,617
2018 16,071,273 587,673 17,120,684 760,467
2018 Q3 16,260,596 103,561 17,577,000 199,179
Q4 16,071,273 133,412 17,120,684 166,788
2019 # Q1 16,994,927 278,954 17,941,449 206,631
Q2 15,661,451 -232,239 16,429,975 -156,406
Q3 15,421,507 167,515 16,202,064 173,128
Notes : (1)The aggregate direct investment figures presented in this table are compiled based on the “asset/liability principle” as recommended in Sixth Edition of the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual published by the International Monetary Fund. These figures supersede the previous set of figures compiled based on the “directional principle”. Nevertheless, the overall direct investment balance compiled based on these two sets of figures respectively is the same.
 (2)Quarterly direct investment position is available as from the reference quarter of Q1 2010.
 (3)Quarterly direct investment outflow/inflow figures may not add up to the annual figures due to rounding.
 *The sign is different from the Balance of Payments conventions. A positive value represents an increase in direct investment assets while a negative value represents a decrease.
 #Figures are subject to revision later on as more data become available.
Source : Balance of Payments Section (2)1,
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