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In 2014, Hong Kong residents made 71.6 million person-trips to the mainland of China (the Mainland) for business and personal purposes. Of these trips, business travel accounted for 37% while personal travel constituted 63%.

Analysed by destination of trips, the majority of trips made by Hong Kong residents for personal travel to the Mainland were destined for the Guangdong Province (94%). Analysed by mode of tour, most of the personal trips to the Mainland were in non-package tour mode (89%). Analysed by sex of the trip-makers, the proportion of personal trips made by males (55%) was higher.

In 2014, the total consumption expenditure of Hong Kong residents making personal travel to the Mainland amounted to $38.5 billion. The average consumption expenditure per person-trip was around $860. For overnight trips, the average consumption expenditure per person-trip was around $1,070, while that for same-day trips was around $340.

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