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YearMonthChange of the latest 3-month period over the preceding 3-month period (%)
Total exportsImports
2019 Feb -7.3 -7.7
Mar -2.8 -2.6
Apr -1.5 -0.5
May +4.4 +4.8
Jun -0.2 -1.0
Jul -0.2 -1.5
Aug -3.5 -4.5
Sep -0.6 -2.6
Oct +0.5 -1.9
Nov +0.8 -1.6
Dec +1.2 -0.8
2020 Jan -4.4 -2.2
Feb -7.8 -5.8
Mar -9.8 -5.7
Apr -0.8 -4.0
Notes : Hong Kong's external merchandise trade statistics are compiled based on information contained in import/export declarations. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is a separate customs territory, as stated in "The Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China". Import/export declaration is also required of Hong Kong's trade with the mainland of China, and statistics relating to this are included in Hong Kong's external merchandise trade statistics.
 Seasonally adjusted series may be revised as more data become available. For external merchandise trade figures, the seasonally adjusted series for the preceding three years are revised each year when the figures for January become available.
Source : Trade Analysis Section (2),
Census and Statistics Department
(Enquiry telephone no. : 2582 4915
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