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YearProportion of business establishments (%) (1) (3)Value of e-commerce sales as % of total business receipts (3)
Using computersUsing the InternetWith a web presence (2)
2013 75.2 74.8 26.4 N.A.
2014 N.A. N.A. N.A. 4.7
2015 76.3 79.9 32.6 N.A.
2016 N.A. N.A. N.A. 5.3
2017 79.6 87.7 33.6 N.A.
Notes : (1)Statistics are compiled from data collected through the Survey on Information Technology Usage and Penetration in the Business Sector.
 (2)Web presence refers to the situation whereby an establishment has a website/webpage or presence on another entity’s website (including the website of a related business). Inclusion in an online directory and any other web pages where the establishment does not have substantial control over the content of the webpage are excluded.
 (3)Figures of business use of information technology refer to the latest position when the survey was conducted (e.g. 2017), whereas statistics of the value of e-commerce sales and business receipts refer to the financial data of preceding year (e.g. 2016) available from business establishments at the time of data collection.
 N.A.Not available.
Source : Science & Technology Statistics Section,
Census and Statistics Department
(Enquiry telephone no. : 3903 7291)

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