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Official statistics comprise statistics compiled by the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) and those compiled by various policy bureaux and other government departments. Broadly speaking, statistics which are of a general purpose and useful to various functional areas are compiled by the C&SD while those relating to more specific functional areas are compiled by the bureaux/departments concerned.  This Section provides hyperlinks to relevant websites for facilitating retrieval of official statistics compiled by other government departments.

Although great care has been exercised, the Census and Statistics Department is unable to warrant that these hyperlinks are valid at all times, and that the contents contained therein are most up-to-date and accurate. If necessary, the user is encouraged to conduct his/her own enquiries to verify any particular piece of information provided. For such enquiries, please direct them to the departments concerned.

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Agriculture Production Statistics
Major statistics available: no. of farm, farmers and workers; area of the land used for vegetable, flower, field crop and orchard; and agricultural production of crop, livestock and poultry; the average daily production of vegetable, live chicken and live pigs.
Aquaculture Fisheries Statistics
Major statistics available: Production and value of the aquaculture sector; the covering area and production of the local inland ponds; number, total sea area, number of licenced operators, total area, fish culture zones, estimated production, value and local demand for live marine fish; and production and value of oyster.
Capture Fisheries Statistics
Major statistics available: Estimated production and value of fisheries; number of fishing vessels and working fishermen.


Fresh Food Supply & Consumption Statistics
Major statistics available: Local consumption of major fresh food produce.
Fires Statistics
Waterworks Data

Major statistics available: General data, no. of accounts, waterworks installation and major installations, water rates, expenditure, staff establishment, water resources, water consumption and water quality control.
Hong Kong Reservoirs - Storage Position
Water Resources and Consumption Statistics
Hong Kong Yearbook