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Official statistics comprise statistics compiled by the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) and those compiled by various policy bureaux and other government departments. Broadly speaking, statistics which are of a general purpose and useful to various functional areas are compiled by the C&SD while those relating to more specific functional areas are compiled by the bureaux/departments concerned.  This Section provides hyperlinks to relevant websites for facilitating retrieval of official statistics compiled by other government departments.

Although great care has been exercised, the Census and Statistics Department is unable to warrant that these hyperlinks are valid at all times, and that the contents contained therein are most up-to-date and accurate. If necessary, the user is encouraged to conduct his/her own enquiries to verify any particular piece of information provided. For such enquiries, please direct them to the departments concerned.

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Water Consumption and Payment Statistics
Major statistics available: Water consumption of sewered accounts; Sewage charge payment pattern of domestic accounts; TES payment pattern of TES accounts; Sewage charge revenue pattern by type; Trade effluent surcharge revenue pattern by type; Sewage charge and trade effluent surcharge revenue pattern by type.

Environmental Statistics
Major statistics available: Air - Air Quality Statistics, Hong Kong Air Pollutants and Greenhouse Gases Emission Inventory, Summary of Ambient Dioxins levels in Hong Kong, Summary of Airborne Species Concentration Derived from Respirable Suspended Particulates (RSP), Past API Records and Past Air Quality Monitoring Data; Waste - Waste Treatment & Disposal Statistics, Waste Recycling Statistics and Clinical Waste Statistics; Noise - Noise Exposure Statistics, Planning Advice Statistics and Accumulated Number of Dwellings Insulated; and Water - Beach Water Quality Trendlines, Annual Rankings of Bathing Beaches, Achievement of Water Quality Objectives in Water Control Zones, Marine Sediment Quality and Water Quality in Typhoon Shelters.
Waste Treatment & Disposal Statistics
Major statistics available: Quantities of major types of solid waste disposed; Types of solid waste disposed of at landfills; Quantities of construction waste; Per capita disposal rates of municipal solid waste and domestic waste; Quantity of municipal solid waste disposed of and recovered; Disposal of chemical waste in Hong Kong; Chemical waste collected at Commissioning of Chemical Waste (CWTC).
Meteorological Statistics
Major statistics available: Monthly weather summary, Summary of meteorological observations in Hong Kong and Tropical Cyclones
Broad Land Usage
Major statistics available: Land usages of residential, commercial, industrial, institution, transportation, open space, vacant land, other urban or built-up land, agricultural land, woodland / shrubland / grassland, wetland, barren land, water area
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Major statistics available: Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Carbon Intensity