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Official statistics comprise statistics compiled by the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) and those compiled by various policy bureaux and other government departments. Broadly speaking, statistics which are of a general purpose and useful to various functional areas are compiled by the C&SD while those relating to more specific functional areas are compiled by the bureaux/departments concerned.  This Section provides hyperlinks to relevant websites for facilitating retrieval of official statistics compiled by other government departments.

Although great care has been exercised, the Census and Statistics Department is unable to warrant that these hyperlinks are valid at all times, and that the contents contained therein are most up-to-date and accurate. If necessary, the user is encouraged to conduct his/her own enquiries to verify any particular piece of information provided. For such enquiries, please direct them to the departments concerned.

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Crime Statistics
Major statistics available: Overall crime, violent crime, burglary, homicide, robbery, wounding and serious assault, motor vehicles reported missing, robbery involving firearms/arms and pistol like objects.
Crime Statistics Comparison
Major statistics available: Comparison of crime situation (overall crime, violent crime, all robberies, burglary, homicide, blackmail, criminal intimidation, wounding and serious assault, rape, indecent assault, criminal damage, unlawful society offences, serious narcotics offences, all thefts, deception and persons arrested for crime.
Traffic Statistics
Major statistics available: No. of traffic accidents, no. of traffic casualties, table of accident statistics
Money Laundering Statistics
Major statistics available: Number of persons convicted of money laundering; value of assets restrained; amount order to be confiscated; and amount recovered and paid to Government.

Drug Abuse Statistics
Major statistics available: No. of newly/previously reported drug abusers by age, sex, most common type of drugs abused, most common reason for current drug use, age of first abuse, dvistrict of residence, major ethnic group, marital status, educational attainment, activity status and whether previously convicted.
Customs Statistics
Major statistics available: No. of cases and seizures; revenue; cross-boundary vehicle movements; Enforcement results at control Points; no. of cases and seizures at airport; optical disc seizures analysed by type and location of seizure; dutiable commodities seized; licences and permits for dutiable commodities; no. of consumer protection investigations analysed by type; trade declaration collection and processing statistics.
Legal Aid Statistics
Major statistics available: No. of Legal Aid applications; no. of Legal Aid certificates; breakdown of Legal Aid applications of civil cases by different types; breakdown of Legal Aid certificates of civil cases by different types; breakdown of Legal Aid applications of criminal cases by different levels of court; breakdown of Legal Aid certificates of criminal cases by different levels of court; no. of applications and certificates under the supplementary Legal Aid scheme; Legal Aid costs expended, damages and costs recovered; distribution of Legal Aid assignments to Legal Aid practitioners.
Population in Penal Institutions
Major statistics available: No. of prisoners, drug addiction treatment centre inmates, training centre inmates, detention centre inmates, remanded persons, residents in half-way houses, vietnamese migrants, illegal immigrants awaiting repatriation and discharged persons under aftercare supervision in institutions; total population in prison, treatment centre, training centre, detention centre and psychiatric centre, detention centre for vietnamese migrants.
Immigration Statistics
Major statistics available: Establishment figures including no. of service staff and no. of civilians; movements of passengers, vehicles traffics to and from mainland and visitors recorded in control points; visa control figures including no. of visit visa, entry visa, visit permits for Taiwan residents and Macau residents processed; investigation figures including no. of forged travel documents detected, illegal immigrants apprehended and repatriated, illegal workers arrested, employers of illegal workers prosecuted and no. of prosecution instituted; processed personal documentation including no. of HKSAR passports and identity cards issued, no. of births, deaths & marriage registration; naturalisation and nationality cases received including declaration of change of nationality, application for naturalisation as a Chinese national, application for renunciation of Chinese nationality and application for restoration of Chinese nationality; and the vietnamese migrants population.
Corruption Reports
Major statistics available: Total no. of corruption reports and breakdown of corruption reports.