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With a view to providing a quick reference, with minimum time lag, for predicting the short-term future economic performance of the local economy, statistics on business prospects at sectoral and aggregate levels are compiled based on results of the Quarterly Business Tendency Survey. The survey gathers views on short-term business performance from the senior management of about 500 to 600 prominent establishments in 10 major sectors, viz. the manufacturing; construction; import/export trade and wholesale; retail; accommodation and food services (mainly covering services rendered by hotels and restaurants); transportation, storage and courier services; information and communications; financing and insurance; real estate; and professional and business services sectors. Views collected in the survey refer to the expected direction of quarter-to-quarter change (e.g. "better", "same" or "worse"), but not the magnitude of change.

Latest Statistics

Net balance of views on expected changes in business situation (Difference between the % of establishments choosing "better" and that choosing "worse")

Q3 2019
Q2 2019
Q4 2019
Q3 2019
Import/export trade and wholesale
Accommodation and food services
Transportation, storage and courier services
Information and communications
Financing and insurance
Real estate
Professional and business services
All sectors above*
Accommodation and food services sector mainly covers services rendered by hotels and restaurants.
* Figures are weighted averages of sectoral figures.

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Business Expectations 18 Oct 2019 17 Jan 2020 
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