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Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Implicit Price Deflator of GDP
Q4 2017 r
Q1 2018 p
GDP at current market prices (HK$ million)   
GDP at current market prices (yoy%)   
GDP in chained (2016) dollars (HK$ million)  @
GDP in chained (2016) dollars (yoy% in real terms)  @
Implicit price deflator of GDP (Year 2016 =100)  @
Private consumption expenditure (yoy% in real terms)  @
Gross domestic fixed capital formation (yoy% in real terms)  @
2016 r
2017 r
Per capita GDP at current market prices (HK$)   
Per capita GDP in chained (2016) dollars (HK$)  @
r “Revised figures”. Please see Concept and Methods for details.
p “Preliminary figures”. Please see Concept and Methods for details.
@ The reference year for the chain volume measures of GDP and its components has been revised from 2015 to 2016.  Re-referencing affects the levels, but not the rates of change, of the chain volume measures.  Apart from re-referencing, the volume estimates for 2017 previously valued at 2015 prices have also been revalued at 2016 prices.  This rebasing of the volume measures affects the real growth rates of the annual and quarterly GDP for 2017.
Gross National Income (GNI)
Q3 2017 r
Q4 2017 r
GNI at current market prices (HK$ million)   
GNI at current market prices (yoy%)   
RGNI in chained (2016) dollars (HK$ million)  @
RGNI in chained (2016) dollars (yoy%)  @
r “Revised figures”. Please see Concept and Methods for details.
@ In line with the re-referencing of the GDP data series, the chained dollar estimates of RGNI and related statistics presented in this table have been re-referenced from 2015 to 2016.

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