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Trade in services (TIS) refers to exports of services and imports of services. Exports of services are the sales of services to the rest of the world, whereas imports of services are the purchases of services from the rest of the world.

Exports and imports of services represent transactions between "residents" and "non-residents" of the economy of Hong Kong. According to international statistical standards, residents refer to organisations which ordinarily operate in the economic territory of the economy, and persons who normally stay in the economic territory of the economy.

Hong Kong's TIS transactions with the mainland of China are treated as external transactions and are included in Hong Kong's TIS statistics. 

TIS statistics can facilitate macroeconomic analysis in the context of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Balance of Payments (BoP) frameworks.

C&SD completed a technical exercise in September 2012 to implement the recommendations given in the Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services 2010 (MSITS 2010). The most significant changes are (i) the introduction of “manufacturing services” as a new component, and (ii) the removal of gross margin earned from “merchanting”, following the adoption of the new standards, i.e. the change of ownership principle in recording goods sent abroad for processing and merchanting. Other major changes include enhancement to the estimation method of insurance services, and incorporation of outright purchases and sales of output of research and development in TIS. There is also reclassification within certain service items. For details, please refer to Major revisions.

Revised TIS statistics have been released in February 2013 to implement the new international standards and adopt new classification and enhanced estimation methods.

Hong Kong’s TIS statistics cover services transactions between Hong Kong and the rest of the world in respect of the following 12 service components :

  1. Manufacturing services;
  2. Maintenance and repair services;
  3. Transport;
  4. Travel;
  5. Construction;
  6. Insurance and pension services;
  7. Financial services;
  8. Charges for the use of intellectual property;
  9. Telecommunications, computer and information services;
  10. Other business services;
  11. Personal, cultural and recreational services; and
  12. Government goods and services.

For details, please refer to Classification of service items.

The TIS statistics are compiled mainly based on data obtained from the Annual Survey of Imports and Exports of Services conducted by the C&SD, supplemented by data from other relevant sources. Such statistics are subject to minor revision when more data from supplementary sources become available.

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