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Official statistics comprise statistics compiled by the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) and those compiled by various policy bureaux and other government departments.  Broadly speaking, statistics which are of a general purpose and useful to various functional areas are compiled by the C&SD while those relating to more specific functional areas are compiled by the bureaux/departments concerned.  This Section provides hyperlinks to relevant websites for facilitating retrieval of official statistics compiled by other government departments.

Besides, in order to collect socio-economic data required by other government bureaux and departments for planning and policy review purposes, the C&SD conducts Thematic Household Survey (THS) and Special Topic Enquiry (STE) from time to time.  THS, adopting the “user pays” principle, is outsourced to private research firms under the co-ordination and management of the department.  STE, conducted via General Household Survey, is generally dedicated to topics which are labour related; with significant policy implications and urgency; or for which outsourcing is not suitable.  This Section presents the reports of THS and STE under Miscellaneous Social Surveys.

Although great care has been exercised, the Census and Statistics Department is unable to warrant that the hyperlinks to websites of other bureaux/departments are valid at all times, and that the contents contained therein are most up-to-date and accurate.  If necessary, the user is encouraged to conduct his/her own enquiries to verify any particular piece of information provided. For such enquiries, please direct them to the bureaux/departments concerned.