Government Statistical Service

The Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) together with statistical units established in various government  bureaux and departments forms the Government Statistical Service (GSS), representing a network for the provision of government statistical services.

Broadly speaking, most general purpose statistics come under the responsibility of C&SD. The statistical units in various government bureaux and departments are responsible for statistics for dedicated use in their respective work and provide necessary support in the application of statistics.

The Commissioner for Census and Statistics is the government's principal adviser on all statistical matters and the head of GSS. On the one hand, she fulfills her responsibilities by being the head of C&SD and, on the other hand, co-ordinates the work of outposted statistical units and monitors their technical standards. She is assisted by a Deputy Commissioner and five Assistant Commissioners in discharging her duties.

Work of the Census and Statistics Department

The work of C&SD can be classified into three categories:

  1. Conducting statistical surveys and operating statistical systems for the production of social and economic statistics including data series on such areas as population, external trade, commerce and industry, labour, prices, national income and Balance of Payments;
  2. Performing statistical analysis and disseminating statistical data and analytical results; and
  3. Providing consultation and support services on statistical matters to various government bureaux and departments.

Organisation and Functions

C&SD is organised into five divisions. The functions of the five divisions, each headed by an Assistant Commissioner, are :

  1. Economic Statistics Division (1) : This Division deals with external merchandise trade statistics, price statistics and household and income statistics;
  2. Economic Statistics Division (2) : This Division deals with sectoral economic statistics, statistics on science and technology, and statistics on companies in Hong Kong with parent companies located outside Hong Kong.  It also handles publication matters and organises human resources development activities for statistical grade staff;
  3. Economic Statistics Division (3) : This Division deals with national income statistics and Balance of Payments statistics.  It also provides support in applications of information technology and handles data dissemination matters for the department;
  4. Social Statistics Division : This Division deals with demographic and other social statistics; plans and executes population censuses and conducts social surveys; and
  5. Labour Statistics Division : This Division deals with labour statistics and undertakes surveys of employment, labour force, payroll, wages and hours of work.

In addition, there are three branches directly supervised by the Deputy Commissioner, namely Technical Secretariat, Development Branch and Administration Branch.

Census and Statistics Department Organisation Chart

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Census and Statistics Department Organisation Chart

Except for the Administration Branch and Census System Services Branch, each Branch is headed by a Senior Statistician, who is assisted by Statisticians, other statistical staff and general grades staff in discharging duties.

The Administration Branch is headed by a Chief Executive Officer, who is assisted by general grades staff in discharging duties.

The Census System Services Branch is headed by a Senior Systems Manager, who is assisted by Analyst/Programmer grade staff in discharging duties.

Statistical Units in Other Government Bureaux and Departments

Apart from C&SD, statistical staff are posted to 34 government bureaux/departments. These statistical units deal with different subject matter areas, including education, housing, health, social welfare, law and order, transport and strategic planning. While staff in outposted statistical units are responsible to the bureaux/departments to which they are posted in respect of the day-to-day work, professional advice and assistance are provided to them by C&SD headquarters when it is deemed necessary. Moreover, the outposted staff come under C&SD in such matters as recruitment, training, posting and promotion. Through this arrangement, the quality standard of statistical work across the government is maintained.